What industries are asynchronous motors used in?

2020-07-06 151

Asynchronous motor is a kind of AC motor. The ratio of the speed of the load to the frequency of the connected power grid is not stable. It also varies with the size of the load. The greater the load torque, the lower the rotor speed. Induction motor includes induction motor, doubly fed induction motor and AC commutator motor. Induction motor is widely used, in the case of no misunderstanding or confusion, generally can be called induction motor as asynchronous motor.

The stator winding of ordinary asynchronous motor is connected with AC power grid, and the rotor winding does not need to be connected with other power sources. Therefore, it has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, application and maintenance, reliable operation, low quality and low cost. Asynchronous motor has high operating power and good operating characteristics. It runs at constant speed from no-load to full load, which can meet the transmission requirements of most industrial and agricultural production machinery. Asynchronous motor is also easy to generate a variety of protection to adapt to the needs of different environmental conditions. When the asynchronous motor is running, it is necessary to absorb the reactive power from the power grid to make the power factor of the power grid worse.



Therefore, synchronous motor is often used to drive ball mill, compressor and other high-power and low-speed mechanical equipment. Because the speed of asynchronous motor has a certain slip relation with its rotating magnetic field speed, its speed regulation function is poor (AC commutator motor is outside). It is more economical and convenient to select DC motor for transportation machinery, rolling mill, large machine tool, printing and dyeing and papermaking machinery which require a wide range of smooth speed regulation. However, with the development of high-power electronic devices and AC speed regulation system, the speed control function and economy of asynchronous motor suitable for wide speed regulation are comparable to that of DC motor.

Asynchronous motor is mainly used as motor, its power scale from a few watts to tens of thousands of kilowatts. It is widely used in various industries of national economy and people's daily life, providing power for a variety of mechanical equipment and household appliances. For example, machine tools, small and medium-sized steel rolling equipment, fans, water pumps, light industrial machinery, metallurgy and mining machinery are mostly driven by three-phase asynchronous motor; single-phase asynchronous motors are widely used in household appliances such as electric fans, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. Asynchronous motors can also be used as generators in wind power plants and small hydropower stations.

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