Jiangmen motor wholesale: the correct storage method of motor

2020-07-06 134

First, if the motor is not used for a long time, it should be placed in a monotonous and ventilated indoor environment. And the indoor environment is relatively clean, no metal dust, no acid fog, salt fog, etc.

When storing, pay attention to keep the motor covered with oil / water-proof material.



2. When the motor is not used for a long time, the following measures should be taken:

1. The motor shall be maintained once, dust and oil stain shall be removed, and insulation of three-phase winding shall be measured and recorded;

2. The storage environment of the motor should adhere to the monotonous air circulation, there should be no water on the ground, and wood blocks and other things should be filled at the motor accumulation place; the motor should not be placed together with chemicals, such as acid, alkali, battery, etc., the motor should be stacked one meter away from the wall, the shaft extension end of the motor should be coated with antirust oil, and the motor should be concealed with plastic cloth, and the motor should be kept flat when placed Put it.

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